"What one question would you ask God if you were to meet Him face to face?" Thats the question atheists and agnostics were asked and their responses might surprise you. God, I Was Wondering... explores the answers and reveals that their questions are not much different than the questions Christians ask every day. Having questions is natural, having answers matters.


The Plan is a book packed with information that will improve your relationships and equip you to be an agent of restoration. The information contained within this book will change how you view those around you who are struggling with life's difficulties. It will open your eyes to see the needs of others in ways you never knew you could and give you the tools to make a difference.


What you do today will have a direct impact on where you end up tomorrow. In a world of uncertainty, having a strategy for building wealth is a necessity. Wealth is less about how much you earn and more to do with what you do with what you earn. It is behavior that is predictive of a person's ability to turn the average income into a lifetime of wealth. 

Helping Individuals Become More Profitable


Kenneth E Rupert is a professional analyst who applies his unique perspective to topics that impact every person. His financial strategies are designed to help the average person achieve success and his spiritual insight offer hope in a dark world. Hidden in the pages of his best selling books are practical solutions to some of life's most pressing concerns.