Ken Rupert

Christian Author/Board Certified Life Coach

Kenneth E Rupert received Board Certification from the International Board of Christian Coaches as a Master Christian Life Coach in 2012. He founded The Vita-Copia Group to offer life coaching services with a concentrated focus on caregivers. Being the parent of a child with multiple disabilities and the caregiver to a father with Alzheimer’s, Kenneth knows the struggles caregivers face and he works tirelessly to mentor, encourage, nurture, and strengthen caregivers.

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He is the author of numerous books including the new series God, I Was Wondering... which looks at some of life's most pressing questions. In addition to his print material, Kenneth is a volunteer producer for The Caregiver’s Corner, a local cable television broadcast talk show. The show talks with local professionals who provide specialized services to caregivers. He is heard on WCBM 680 Talk Radio discussing the aspects of caregiver coaching with on air personallities.

In addition to reaching out to caregivers, Kenneth is actively building a radical new way for men to connect. The M.E.N.S. Network seeks to transform Men’s Ministries from program related to relationship related.The M.E.N.S. Network is a multi-dimensional approach to impacting the lives of men. The purpose of The M.E.N.S. Network is to Mentor, Encourage, Nurture, and Strengthen men to live beyond themselves and influence others through the word of God.