Personal Development

Thomas B.

"After my initial connection with Ken, he helped me layout and devise an executive plan on how to arrive at a specific outcome or goal, which I held personally, to my own development as a human being. I will simply say- momentum in life is everything to attain your goal, and Ken is the momentum that can help anyone start on the path to achieve their goals, if given the opportunity."

Professional Testimonies


I’m a Master Christian Life Coach specializing in Caregiver Coaching

I address topics from personal character development to developing your relationship with God. 

Caregiver Coaching

Michele C.

"I am in the early stages of coaching with Ken, but am first amazed by his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it so freely. More importantly, he has already guided me to incredible resources for stabilizing my future financially and legally. He has caused me to look at my life and current situation much more positively than I had been and to realize that my life has value on its own and separate from my situation with my husband's health. The confidence knowing that I have someone who truly understands and lives the role of caregiver to advise and guide me is of immeasurable value and comfort."

Professional Skills

I have not only seen the pain on the face of caregivers, I have felt it. As a father of a child with special needs and the son of a father with Alzheimer's and a mother with cancer, I know first hand how difficult care giving is. 

As a life coach that focuses on caregivers, I help them establish a stable foundation from which they can navigate the difficulties associated with providing care for a loved one. Although anyone can benefit from life coaching, caregivers have a special place in my heart.

As an author, I have written several books to mentor, encourage, nurture, and strengthen the reader in his or her walk with God and to offer strategies for managing life and providing care.

About Me

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The first goal in any financial plan is to establish stability. Your net worth, the value of the assets you own that are greater than the value of the debts you owe, will increase as you start to actively manage your financial resources. Keep this thought in mind: Those things that you own, you own. Those things on which you owe, own you.

If you need help regaining your financial stability, consider picking up a copy of my latest book Simple Wealth Building Strategies and complete the contact form below.

To request caregiver coaching or to schedule a speaking event, please contact me today!

Wealth Building

John W.

"Ken was my Financial Peace University (FPU) group leader. Outside of FPU, I met with Ken to discuss in detail my financial situation, the goals I was trying to achieve and how to reach those goals. By utilizing Ken's advice I have an established path which will result in my student loans being fully paid-off in 2016, just three years after I graduated from college."

I work with individuals to develop specialized strategies with an emphasis on building lifetime wealth.

I provide life altering resources that gives caregivers the tools and confidence to face what lies ahead.

Caregiver Coaching

Thought of the Month

Wealth Building

Providing Hope

Janet D.

"In a dark spot in my life, Ken provided insight and help for me to move forward personally and financially. Ken also has much insight as a caregiver and as a Christian man, he is passionate about sharing his faith, time, and skills. I also purchased several books he authored and would recommend them as well."