Ken Rupert

Analytical Professional

Selected Accomplishments

Consider the following selected accomplishments that have had a substantial impact on the companies for which I have worked.

• Provided critical data in Howard County, MD that saved the county over $50,000 in locate costs and increased the excavating permits from 500 to 750 so Verizon could increase the amount of fiber facilities to be placed in a shorter amount of time.

• Developed the process for high-volume SKU creation to facilitate rapid product integration associated with strategic partnerships that reduced product to market by 50%.

• Increased market penetration of armored transportation contracts by 35% through improving data analytics by aggregating larger data sets through pivot tables and pricing worksheets.

​My experience with Verizon Communications Inc. required me to develop analytical reports to document the progress of the Verizon FiOS build-out. In order to achieve this, I was required to data mine internal and external databases as well as conducting field operations to capture and record construction related data to incorporate into the monthly executive report. 

​​My time spent with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a bio-tech manufacturing company in Frederick, MD., provided me the opportunity to exercise my analytical abilities and develop my skills of creative problem solving. When faced with the need to develop stop-gap measures to mitigate the impact of database limitation, I was able to develop a creative solution to a serious business problem. I was also responsible for planning project timelines and meeting deadlines. Special attention was given to quality control in a GMP environment.

​In my role as the manager of bid administration, I provided oversight of armored transportation contracts to ensure compliance. As part of the bid responsibilities, I ensured that proper cost and price maintenance procedures were adhered to. I examine RFPs, IFB, and other bid documents for completeness and accuracy provided accurate proposals to potential and existing clients. This required me to manage projects from inception to completion with strict deadlines for a diverse customer base and to negotiate contracts with these different organizations.